Customers expect personalized offers.
Now you can deliver.

We understand that customer preferences change quickly. So we built LimeLight from the ground up to support any business model, and made it quick and easy to create personalized upsells or add-ons to offer to your customers.


Powerful subscription billing options

  • Customize recurring billing plans
  • Offer free trials and gifts with purchase
  • Combine subscription billing with straight sale upsells
  • Native support for any billing plan

Maximize revenue with upsells and add-on products

Select specific categories, products, or campaigns and then create custom upsells for your customers.

Manage your product catalog with variants

  • Define options for each individual product
  • Create custom variants
  • Customize variants for recurring orders

Shipping and tax support for physical goods

LimeLight’s Avalara AvaTax integration provides Avalara customers with advanced taxability and jurisdiction rules as well as detailed sales tax reporting.

What LimeLight can do for you

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