Product News: Subscription Revenue Forecasting and More

Analytics and dashboards are at the core of the LimeLight platform, so we’re excited to announce two new Analytics features have just arrived: Subscription Revenue Forecasting and Reserve Predictions!

Subscription Forecasting Revenue Dashboard

You can now use LimeLight Analytics to forecast your subscription business revenues based on potential rebill rates, cycle 2 rates, and cycle 3+ rates. The dashboard also calculates the average of these three measures across the last 90 days so that you can consider your own internal benchmarks before you establish measures you’ll use in this forecast. This tool is great for “what if?” analysis, and for comparing how aggressive or conservative growth efforts might impact your bottom line.

The forecasting dashboard is also flexible and dynamic. You can change the dimension from Campaigns to AFID to Gateway with the touch of a button to get the information you need. We call this new feature “Dimensional Pivoting” and you’ll see it more in future Analytics dashboards.

Reserve Predictions Dashboard

Reserve predictions MID

This dashboard provides a convenient way to keep track of your cash flows from your reserve accounts. It shows how much money is in the reserve account of each respective MID, and breaks it down into Accrued and Released so that you can see what cash to expect in the days, weeks and months ahead.

LimeLight Analytics provides enterprise-class Business Intelligence built for cloud scalability.  Out of the box, advertisers can clearly understand overall business health such as customer churn, subscription performance analysis, and profit & loss reporting.  Additionally, Analytics arrays all information required to assess traffic sources through sophisticated affiliate quality calculations clearly and provides complex measures to manage refund rates, merchant chargebacks and overall marketing spend.

How To Build A Subscription Ecommerce Business

In this webinar we’ll explore:

  • The pieces of the puzzle. What do you need to build a subscription E-commerce business from an industry expert.
  • Fitting the pieces together. How different systems work together and why you need them.
  • Secrets of performance ecommerce. Learn about lesser known subscription programs used to increase your customer lifetime value.