Prevent and Represent Chargebacks with LimeLight

Fighting Chargebacks – Now easier than ever before

We’ve partnered with two of the industry’s most trusted chargeback services Ethoca and Verifi, to help you not only prevent but fight chargebacks. Announcing LimeLight’s new full-service chargeback alerts and representment service – a one-stop shop to manage chargebacks, fully integrated seamlessly within your LimeLight account.  LimeLight Alerts & Representment will allow you to receive alerts to automate the representment process, reduce the cost associated with chargebacks and keep your merchant accounts happy.

The chargeback system has evolved from its original design as a form of consumer protection to a potentially deadly weapon that consumers use against merchants.  Unfortunately, the system is pretty biased against merchants. It’s technical, it’s expensive (both in labor costs to respond to charges, and in fines and fees from your credit card processor), and it is up to the merchant to disprove the often illegitimate accusations of the customer.  And unfortunately, many merchants don’t realize that typically, the majority of chargebacks are “friendly-fraud,” and if fought, have an excellent chance of being won by the merchant.

Don’t Accept Chargebacks as a Cost of Doing Business

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  • Automated alerts
  • Increased win-rates
  • Trained chargeback specialists
  • Healthy merchant accounts

Avoid Chargebacks Altogether with Alerts

LimeLight Alerts offer a way for merchants to avert the impact of chargebacks altogether. By signing up for Alerts with LimeLight, when a customer initiates a chargeback dispute, you are alerted in real-time and the charge automatically reverses.  As a result, the credit card issuer never notifies your credit card processor and the dispute is dropped. That means no fees from your credit card processor, no funds withdrawn from your bank account and held in escrow by the processor, no spending time-fighting chargebacks. Best of all, no chargebacks on your books, keeping your MIDS nice and healthy.

Fighting a Chargeback? We’re in Your Corner

The representment process can be very time consuming and cumbersome; however, if you choose to fight a chargeback the benefits are in the details.  LimeLight’s fully managed representment service is in your corner.    Thanks to a fully integrated partnership with Chargebacks911 all relevant information is pulled directly from your LimeLight account. Specialized Representment experts then take care of the time-consuming paperwork and process so you can focus on the important daily tasks of running your business.

Alerts & Representments FAQ

What kind of Chargebacks are included in Alerts?
Confirmed fraud and customer disputes. Confirmed fraud alerts relate to the unauthorized use of a card to purchase goods or services illegally. Customer dispute alerts are sent on customer service related, or non-fraud, chargeback reason codes. For example, if a customer is disputing the quality of the goods/service or disputing because they have been double billed.

What kind of coverage do I get with LimeLight’s Alerts service?
You get the most complete coverage in the industry across a global network of all major card-issuing banks.

Can I avoid chargebacks from a particular customer in the future?
Yes, you can flag a chargeback so that you cancel a subscription and/or blacklist a particular customer.  Additionally, you can use LimeLight’s Transaction Select service to block customers at the point of purchase that has a high probability of a chargeback on a future purchase.

Why should I use a managed service, isn’t an automated service better?
No, an automated service is not necessarily better.  A well-executed managed service delivers a higher win-rate percentage and provides you with customized attention from trained chargeback professionals, ultimately saving you more time and money. If you are taking the time to fight a chargeback, you increase your chances of winning with a fully managed service.

Why is the LimeLight service better than doing this directly with Chargeback911 or the Alert providers (e.g. Ethoca)?
We’ve negotiated a great rate for LimeLight client’s, and the fully integrated service means you save time and money with trusted representment specialists who know your business.  Additionally, the completely integrated LimeLight services fully automates the seamless collection of alert and chargeback data allowing for accurate and complete information and deeper decision support Analytics.