Case Study

How and why MyGreenFills migrated to LimeLight from Zuora

MyGreenFills delivers eco-friendly, organic laundry products to homes and businesses across the country

Customers can personalize their subscription billing however they want


MyGreenFills is a subscription box for eco-friendly and organic laundry detergents and soaps. They are on the cutting edge of the conscious capital movement, creating a sustainable company trying to make an impact. MyGreenFills Founder Ruth Smith started making soap in 1982, and in 2012, joined forces withStephen Ezell (CEO) – a passionate entrepreneur and green philanthropist looking to bring positive change to the world. Together, they’ve disrupted the laundry industry – shipping non-toxic solutions to markets, hotels, and homes across the nation.

The Challenge

MyGreenFills primary focus is building customer relationships – their goal was to provide their customers with an exceptional membership site and experience. However, they couldn’t find an eCommerce billing platform that supports the highly complex and customized subscription plans and offers they wanted to provide their customers.

MyGreenFills CEO, Stephen Ezell says “We started off with Shopify and Click Funnels and a smattering of WordPress plugins and just a real big spaghetti mess of different apps.” In hopes of a more centralized system and flexible membership site, they then migrated and built their own platform and API on Zuora. However, they very quickly realized that Zuora is NOT built for subscription eCommerce businesses selling and shipping physical goods. Zuora lacked a lot of the main features they needed – flexible billing and offers, customized membership site, advanced reporting and analytics for physical products, and scalability support.

Thus, they set out to do yet another migration – a massive project potentially costing them lots of time and money. They truly did their due diligence – revetting Zuora all over again, as well as looking at every other subscription commerce platform out there – Recurly, Chargify, Chargebee, Konnectiv, CrateJoy, Rebilly, ReCharge, etc.

The Solution

MyGreenFills was looking for a company with expertise in the subscription commerce space and vast experience working with growing eCommerce businesses selling physical goods – and that’s exactly what they found with LimeLight. They found a platform built for their complex business model, enabling them to scale, and giving them all the tools they need to build lasting customer relationships.

“Because LimeLight has been in the subscription billing space for so long, you have been able to show us roadblocks in our business we didn’t even know we had, and help us overcome challenges in the next year we didn’t even know we were about to get into.”

There were a few main features MyGreenFills was looking for in a platform, and the reason they decided to migrate to LimeLight.

  • Flexible customer billing – MyGreenFills wanted to be able to offer their customers unparalleled subscription customization – upgrades/downgrades, mix and match different product combinations, offer different discounting models, upsells, cross-sells, change billing frequency, change next billing date, set subscriptions by cycle, by date, by day, etc.
  • Customized membership site – MyGreenFills needed to not only have the ability to enable flexible billing on the backend, but also enable customers to be able to set their own parameters and make changes to fit their needs – without having to contact customer service
  • Detailed analytics and reporting – MyGreenFills was looking to get really deep insights into their business with dashboards that would show data like what their MRR or CLTV was for every customer, as well as forecasting for subscriptions

“The fact that with a couple of simple clicks, I can see on a minute by minute or cohorted basis what my member lifetime value is, what my MRR or AOV is, projected product/SKU and cashflow is – is ridiculous. What we were looking for – you took to a whole new level. The analytics and reporting from LimeLight is one of the best I’ve seen in the industry.” – Stephen Ezell, CEO

The Results

Undertaking another migration was not an easy decision for MyGreenFills, but they were pleasantly surprised by the level of service and support they received throughout the process with LimeLight. LimeLight’s client success team has a very detailed and thorough onboarding process, with lots of one-on-one support. There was constant communication between MyGreenFills development team, marketing team, service team and LimeLight’s respective teams. There were weekly calls throughout the process, ensuring that MyGreenFills was selecting all the right 3rd party partners and architecting their backend and API to maximize LimeLight’s throughput.

“Of the 100+ software companies that I have done business with, or purchased, or used in the past 3 years, the service that i have gotten from LimeLight is absolutely unparalleled.”


Subscription box for eco-friendly and organic laundry detergents and soaps.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Traverse City, MI


  • Streamline and customize customer billing processes
  • Enable customers to make changes to their subscriptions
  • Access to advanced reporting and actionable analytics


  • Flexible customer billing and customized offers
  • Customized membership site
  • Detailed business and customer analytics and reporting


  • Streamlined, fast, and cost efficient migration and onboarding process
  • Usage data increases product and customer knowledge to make smarter decisions in less time
  • Allows customers to personalize their buying experience to fit their needs
  • Optimized self service portal increases customer satisfaction
  • Fully scalable solution